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Our home exercise program delivery platform and patient engagement solutions focus on client satisfaction and results

When you call, you avoid an automated greeting system, and speak directly to support first.

Our customer service team provides live trainings, answers all of your questions, and forwards all of your special requests to the development team. This is all included inyour membership.

The video exercises are produced internally at Physiotec. We do everything for you and inform you when your request is completed. Specialists assist our team in providing content that corresponds to the latest studies within their field . Experts have come from all around the world to produce our accurate and specialized content.

Developers work closely with our support team to adapt and refine the application based upon the needs and suggestions of our clients. We are always willing to listen to our clients and adapt accordingly.


For over 20 years, Physiotec has been developing comprehensive and intuitive home exercise programs. In 1993, Physiotec was founded by a physical therapist who wanted to improve her patients' rehabilitation with images that would better illustrate the exercises she prescribed.

Until 2004, Physiotec was sold as a desktop software with access to a few hundred line drawings of exercises available in English, Spanish and French. In 2004, at a time where not all clinics had internet access, Physiotec was a forerunner in the software industry and developed the Physiotec online application where both patients and therapists, had online access to the application. Patients were at that time able to access their customized Home Exercise Programs online and play videos of each exercise prescribed by their therapist.

From the very beginning, our mission has been to build a team dedicated to meeting physical therapists' needs by developing an ever-evolving home exercise program that specializes in all types of rehabilitation. The application is always improving and the team behind it makes sure it`s always raising the industry standards. Our solution is designed to help your patient's access their exercises anytime, anywhere-and motivate them to stick with their program!

With the addition of David Dansereau,MSPT to the team and his diverse clinical consulting expertise, Physiotec now offers SmartMovesPT, a new service division to connect community health through movement analysis and offer enhanced patient engagement and education opportunities.

About David Dansereau,MSPT

David Dansereau,MSPT is a best selling author, accomplished physical therapist and nutritionist. David's background includes over 15 years of experience as a private practice physical therapist and an additional combined 10+ years consulting as a clinical registered dietitian and nutritionist in both acute care and corporate wellness. He is the founder of PTC Physical Therapy Consulting which specializes in developing and packaging innovative clinically proven physical therapy and proactive nutrition programs and services to individuals, teams and groups. David brings his 25+ years of clinical consulting expertise to form a new partnership with Physiotec with the launch of SmartMovesPT, a new service division to connect community health through cutting edge movement analysis technologies, emerging patient engagement solutions and health education programming.

David's best selling book on Amazon in preventive medicine, Body in Balance-Bare Naked Truth about Nutrition, Fitness and Food Policies impacting your Energy and your Health -is the first book in a planned Smart Moves Guidebook series which shares some of his best practices and research.

In addition, David has two online communities and courses he offers at Weight Management University WMU-101.com, and Know-Stroke.org which offer expanded interactive education and webinars. Both are examples of David's dedication to providing cutting-edge nutrition education and therapeutic exercise opportunities for his patients. Finally, David recently founded Bright Minds Kids, a school and sports based educational initiative to introduce better nutrition and brain/body health awareness programming. A portion of all proceeds from his writing and websites go to support these community health education initiatives.

David has written articles for the National Stroke Association's Stroke Smart Magazine as well as for Advance for Physical Therapists. His story of stroke recovery and awareness has also been featured in the New York Times, on Fox/ABC News, as well as in PT Products Online magazine.He presents regularly for corporations on health, fitness and preventive medicine strategies for the workplace as well as for stroke support groups, schools and coaches. He will be one of the keynote presenters featured in the upcoming 22nd Annual Southern New England Rehabilitation Conference-Advances in Stroke Rehabilitation. David’s presentation topic is entitled, “The Future of Home Stroke Recovery and Prevention: Where will Connected Health Tools Fit?”

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