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Our exercise database wouldn't be as complete, rich and accurate without the collaboration of our worldwide clients ,dedicated rehab team and video production team. In fact, if you need specific exercises that are not yet included on our physical therapy exercise database, simply let us know. Your request will be produced within the same week. Our goal is to deliver special requests within 2 weeks. This exceptional service is inspired from manufacturing methods that have been developed to better serve clients... Our goal is always to help you help your patients recover faster, as well as helping you save time and focussing on treating patients.

About physiotherapy and rehabilitation technology

Measurement of joint range of motion and assessment of muscle strength are two important clinical skills in the practice of physical therapy. Having a consistent method of measuring both joint range of motion and strength is essential for accurate assessment of a patient's present status, progress, and effectiveness of the treatment program. Yet, with rapid advances in medicine and technology, surprisingly there hasn't been much new innovation or alternatives to the standard goniometer and subjective manual muscle test available for therapists. That is until now. It gives me great pleasure to introduce to the rehabilitation and sport performance community a new body performance measurement and clinical analysis tool (BPMpro) now available to the US marketplace through our clinical products and services department, that is able to deliver cost effective assessmentof joint performance. BPMpro is an affordable lightweight sensor that delivers a hands free method to accurately test joint function, while automatically recording the performance data on patients. I found through my own use and through testing other patients with neuromuscular deficits that the BPMpro system was able to accurately pick up on very subtle deficits of power, range of motion and quality of movement that oftentimes remain following neurological trauma. I have found the live animated display of the patient's movement to be motivating and engaging for the patient as well as providing me with valuable performance feedback during each treatment. Now with hands free assessment and results recorded instantly, I can put even more energy and time into getting my patient's bodies back in balance with the help of BPMpro.

Here are some of the Features:

  • BPMpro is an easy to use, cost effective way to make realtime, accurate and repeatable wireless measurements of how the body moves.
  • BPMpro offers a combination of accuracy, ease of use and price otherwise unachievable.
  • Current measurement methods range from awkward goniometers and inclinometers to Optical Motion Capture Systems (OMCS) which are extremely expensive, require specialist training to interpret the output and are generally restricted to laboratory use.
  • BPMpro uses wearable, wireless sensors and specifically designed visualization software to provide a clinician with live, animated feedback of the movement of the head/neck, upper extremities (shoulder, forearm, elbow and wrist) and lower extremities (hip, knee and ankle) eliminating the need for a goniometer and inclinometers.

Performance Details:

  • The results from 20 different tests are automatically loaded into tables, eliminating the risk of errors, and are displayed on the screen for comparison against historical data. Custom test designs are available through an optional Free Form add-on module.
  • Designed especially to run on touch screen tablets, as well as standard laptops
  • The print and plot functions, in combination with the clear, animated graphics, mean that both the clinician and patient easily understand their progress over time
  • The BPM sensor enables remote activation of the tests, enabling the clinician to concentrate fully on the patient. The patient, too, can register points of discomfort (PIPs) using a second connected sensor
  • Gait Module - Gait analysis coming soon!
  • Add-on Sport and Team Training Module to train, rehabilitate and monitor your clients remotely and create a new profitable virtual consultation service for increased patient compliance and engagement!

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