Step 2: Watch Video and Contact Us for Your Secure Link

Step 1: Measurement

Open Email: Your SmartMovesPT welcome email provides the secure link to start your HIPPA compliant end-to-end encrypted PT telehealth consultation through our SmartApp to measure how you are doing and assess your needs.

Step 2: Management  

Your PT is ready to help: Your secure link launches your visit and provides your follow-up plan of care and home program while enabling secure messaging back to your PT to help you manage your condition.

Step 3: Movement

Exercise is medicine: Once you get better, stay better with our wellness and maintenance services to keep your body in balance! We help you move to ensure better long term health! -See More App Features

 What is SmartMovesPT? 

A Smart PT Approach Using Technology to Accomplish a Wide Range of Physical Therapy Activities Under the Trained Guidance of a Licensed Physical Therapist.  

Author and SmartMovesPT Founder: David Dansereau, MSPT

About Your Therapist: David Dansereau,MSPT is a best selling author, accomplished physical therapist and nutritionist. David's background includes 23 years of experience as a private practice physical therapist and an additional combined 10+ years consulting as a clinical registered dietitian and nutritionist in both acute care and corporate wellness. He is the founder of  SmartMovesPT and PTC Physical Therapy Consulting which specializes in developing and packaging innovative clinically proven physical therapy and proactive nutrition programs and services to individuals, teams and groups. The launch of SmartMovesPT provides a technology enabled  division to connect care into the home with digital health and cutting edge movement analysis technologies, emerging patient engagement solutions, fall prevention/mobility assessments and health education programming in physical therapy..


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A Physical Therapist (PT) is a movement expert and is clinically trained to identify compensations, areas of stiffness and weakness, imbalances and mobility deficits while offering more efficient and safe movement solutions. The therapeutic exercise prescriptions we create provide a pathway for our clients to reach their physical rehabilitation and mobility goals. 

Step 3: Start Your Convenient Physical Therapy Consultation with PhysiApp Telehealth

Making Telehealth PT  Work for You!

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Getting Started with a PT Coach using Telehealth is as Easy as 1-2-3

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